Thermal Grizzly KryoSheet (33 x 33 x 0,2 mm) Superior Thermal Conductivity Maintenance-Free & Innovative Technology

  • Superior Thermal Conductivity: KryoSheet offers exceptional thermal conductivity that surpasses traditional thermal pastes and other thermal pads.
  • Innovative Technology: The product harnesses the anisotropic thermal conductivity of graphite and a specially developed manufacturing technique to achieve optimal cooling performance.
  • Maintenance-Free: Unlike traditional thermal pastes that dry out over time, KryoSheet is maintenance-free and designed for longevity.
  • Wide Range of Applications: KryoSheet is suitable for enthusiast products in the consumer segment, industrial applications, and refurbishing of graphics cards and laptops.
  • Versatile Size Options: KryoSheet pads are available in various sizes to suit your needs, including 24 x 12 mm, 25 x 25 mm, 29 x 25 mm, 33 x 33 mm, 38 x 38 mm, and 50 x 50 mm, each 0.2 mm thick. Perfect for fitting a range of CPUs and GPUs.
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Thermal Grizzly
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Thermal Grizzly KryoSheet

The Thermal Grizzly KryoSheet series of graphene thermal pads can serve as an excellent alternative to high-performance thermal pastes. Similar to Carbonaut pads, they feature an adaptive surface with very high thermal conductivity. However, compared to Carbonaut pads, KryoSheet offers significantly higher thermal conductivity as a high-end product.


The increased thermal conductivity is not solely due to material selection but also the result of an innovative manufacturing process. KryoSheet does not contain any liquid components, eliminating the typical aging process associated with traditional thermal pastes. Drying out is not possible.


KryoSheet is electrically conductive! Ensure that there is no contact between the thermal pad and transistors or transformers.

Technical Details

  • Thickness: 0.2 mm
  • Measurement: 33mm x 33mm x 0.2mm
  • Temperature Range: -250 °C to +150 °C

Key features

  • Outstanding thermal conductivity
  • Easy application
  • Consistently high performance
  • Exceptional durability

General information

The KryoSheet Graphene Pads have a molecular structure stacked in the Z-direction. This optimized structure allows for outstanding and consistent thermal conductivity. A specially developed manufacturing process breaks the hexagonal crystal structure of graphite along the basal plane to take advantage of the anisotropy of graphite's thermal conductivity. However, as a side effect of this intricate manufacturing process, electrical conductivity is also increased, affecting the stability of the KryoSheet pads. Therefore, it is crucial to strictly follow the instructions when using the pads.


Detailed dimensions

KryoSheet Size Guide
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