TerraMaster F2-210 2-Bay NAS Quad Core Media Server (Diskless)

  • An affordable, high-performance 2-bay NAS optimized for home and SOHO users, running the latest TOS 4.1 operating system.
  • ARM v8 quad-core 1.4GHz CPU with 1 GB RAM (NOT upgradeable), blazingly fast read/write speeds of more than 114 MB/s (RAID 0, WD Red 4TB x 2).
  • Supports Emby and Plex media servers, which keep your videos, music, and photos personal media beautifully organized,always ready for on-demand streaming to your PC, mobile device, smart TV, or games console.
  • Compatible with 3.5" and 2.5" SATA HDD, 2.5" SATA SSD. Each bay supports the HDD up to 16TB (Total of 32TB in RAID 0). For stable performance, the WD Reds and the Seagate IronWolfs are recommended.
  • Supports Docker, cloud drive sync, multiple backups, remote access and mobile app. Dozens of free applications;Ultra-quiet heat dissipation technology.
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Company Introduction:

  • TerraMaster - a 16-year-old professional brand focusing on developing and producing storage products.
  • Products include network attached storage (NAS), direct attached storage (DAS) and thunderbolt 3 storage.
  • With the core competitiveness in excellent hardware design and strong software developing ability, TerraMaster products are well known among customers with the great reliability and value.

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Extraordinary, Cost-effective Performance

  • Equipped with an ARM V8 64-bit quad-core processor, a frequency of up to 1.4 GHz, 1GB RAM (NOT upgradable);
  • A read speed reaching 114 MB/s (RAID 0, WD Red 4TB x 2); Compatible with 3.5" and 2.5 hard drives and SSD's (hard drives not included, please purchase at your own needs; The WD Reds or the Seagate IronWolfs are recommended);
  • Functions include file storage, data backup, cloud synchronization, remote access, meida powerhouse and many more;
  • Suitable for applications ranging from home multimedia entertainment to small office and home office (SOHO) settings.

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Data Secured and Feature-packed Network Storage Server

The F2-210 device relies on the following six data security layers to protect your data:

  • T-RAID array security protection
  • Btrfs file system and snapshots
  • Remote Backup
  • Cloud backup
  • Automatic scheduled backup

Feature-packed Network Storage Server:

  • Supports several array modes, including RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD, and SINGLE, as well as HTTP, SMB/CIFS, AFP, FTP, NFS, and WebDAV
  • Additional features include users, user groups, and shared folder permissions settings.
  • Read/write permissions for every user can be set as needed, and network storage space can be allocated for photos, videos, music files, and office documents.


1. If online OS installation fails, please power cycle the NAS with the hard drives removed to reinstall OS, while reinstalling, please select "Manually install the OS".

2. To avoid power outage problem which may result in server crash, it's recommended to attach the NAS to a UPS.

3. Please set a static IP address for the NAS in TOS Control Panel - Network Services - Network Interface, a dynamic IP address would conflict with other devices in the network and cause the NAS to malfunction.

4. Please be advised the Single mode could be upgraded to RAID 1 without losing data.

nas, nas server, network attached storage, plex server, dropbox

Multimedia Powerhouse

  • Fully supports Emby and Plex, bringing your videos, music, and photos together into one place.
  • Leveraging the rock-solid multimedia management capabilities of Emby or Plex allows you to turn your F2-210 into a feature-rich entertainment center.
  • Keep your personal media beautifully organized, always ready for on-demand streaming to your PC, mobile device, or games console.
  • Enrich your media with plot summaries, posters, album covers, and enjoy everything from home or on the go.
  • Stream live TV to any device, manage your DVR, and enjoy your personal library.
  • No more fumbling with IP addresses! Just sign in and play on any device, anytime, anywhere.


To edit the office files, it's suggested log in the NAS from your computer via SMB/AFS to edit.

How to:

For Windows, Type \ he IP address of the NAS in “Run” of the computer, when it prompts for UN & PW, it should be the admin UN & PW that's created for logging in the NAS.

For Mac, click Go - Connect to Server - smb://the IP address of the NAS. When it prompts for UN & PW, it should be the admin UN & PW that's created for logging in the NAS.

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