Creative Sound Blaster G3 USB-C External USB DAC & Amp for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Ft. GameVoice Mix (Audio Balance for Game/Chat), Mic/Vol Control and Mobile App Control

  • Driverless USB-C Plug and Play with USB Audio - Fully powered via USB-C in a driverless plug-and-play format, the Sound Blaster G3 is a hassle-free instant audio upgrade for your game consoles (PS4 and Switch), as well as PC and Mac computers. Equipped with USB audio, simply connect the G3 to your game console via USB-C (or the provided USB-C-USB-A converter), and nothing else will work take it out of the box. There is absolutely no hassle with additional adjustments or installation to get started
  • Enhanced Communicate with Friends via GameVoice Mix - Get optimal game audio and voice chat levels with our GameVoice Mix. Do you chat with your team while you play? Instead of having the perfect levels through Windows, simply use our GameVoice Mix volume dial to easily increase your voice chat volume during a raid to better hear your team, or decrease chat and amplify your game audio during a particularly climactic scene in your game, all without having to leave your game screen
  • Convenient and Direct Audio Controls - Separate microphone and volume controls are located on the sides of the G3, and can be easily controlled with one hand to achieve the perfect balance for better gaming. When communications are unnecessary, simply mute your microphone directly via the switch on the G3
  • Instant Audio Upgrade for PS4 and Nintendo Switch with Headphone Amplifier - In this day and age, you deserve better audio quality, even on game consoles. The G3 offers high definition audio with capabilities to drive studio grade headphones up to 300 Ω. If all you knew is the default audio on your consoles, the G3 is set up to transform your audio experience.
  • On-the-fly mic monitoring and audio adjustments via mobile app - Get your enemies before they get to you with our Enhancement Step EQ mode. Customize it even more through our Sound Blaster Command app (for iOS and Android) to manage audio settings on the fly without leaving your game or unplugging your G3. By pairing the G3 with your mobile phone, easily adjust the volume and microphone controls, or access the microphone monitoring function so you can control how loud you want to be heard, while listening to yourself.
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Sound Blaster G3
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Product Description

Sound Blaster G3 is the gaming USB DAC you need to ace your game

sound blaster g3 usb gaming dac

Portable external console gaming USB-C DAC amp for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac

If you were a PC user, it would be easy getting a DAC, amp, or sound card to satisfy your audio needs. But why isn't it the same for console users? With 30 years of legacy and technical expertise in PC audio, we are venturing beyond the PC and into gaming consoles, and the Sound Blaster G3 is our answer. Designed to be a fuss-free, driverless audio upgrade for your gaming consoles, the Sound Blaster G3 is meant to provide users with premium gaming features without having to break the bank.

Making our first foray into gaming audio on consoles, we debut our latest GameVoice Mix for game and voice chat balance capability, a customizable EQ preset with custom-tuned Footsteps Enhancer, and on-the-fly audio adjustments without having to exit your game's screen.

If all you have ever known is the default audio on your consoles, try the Sound Blaster G3. We'll let its performance speak for itself.

Driverless Audio Upgrade USB-C plug-and-play audio gaming consoles USB

Driverless Audio Upgrade

USB-C plug-and-play audio upgrade for gaming consoles with USB audio. There’s absolutely no fiddling with extra settings or installation to get started.

Control and balance the volume level between two audio sources directly via Sound Blaster G3

GameVoice Mix game audio / chat balance capabilities

Our latest debut – GameVoice Mix

You have that pair of headphones. It’s your absolute favorite, but why do you need to fork out so much more in order to get access to that ONE feature you covet?

The Sound Blaster G3 debuts our latest GameVoice Mix*, a gaming feature often found only in products that are priced at a premium. The G3's GameVoice Mix gives you game audio / chat balance capabilities – all without having to let go of your existing headphones or hurting your wallet.

Without leaving your game screen, our GameVoice Mix volume dial allows you to easily increase your voice chat volume during a raid to hear your team better, or decrease the chatter and amp up your gaming audio during a particularly climatic scene on your game – simply plug in the G3 via the USB-C and Optical / Line-in port to better your gameplay.

*This feature is available for PS5, PS4, PS4 Pro, PC, and Mac only. PS5 requires an additional (not included) HDMI to Optical converter. Our webpage offers the full setup guide for GameVoice Mix on the mentioned platforms for easy reference.

Ace your game with ease

One Hand. All Controls

Hear and Be Heard with Mic-monitoring

On-The-Fly Mobile Remote

One Hand. All Controls

The Sound Blaster G3 provides direct access to the independent mic and volume controls on each side of the device. While you’re busy maneuvering in-game with one hand on the controller, you can make mic and volume adjustments instinctively on the other with just a single hand grip!

Hear and Be Heard with Mic-monitoring

Hate it when you are chatting with the team, but you can’t tell if you sound too soft or too loud? Simply switch on the mic-monitoring feature via the mobile app, and control how you want to be heard, while hearing yourself. And when communications are unnecessary, simply mute your mic directly via the switch on the Sound Blaster G3.

On-The-Fly Mobile Remote

Without having to unplug or exit your game, remotely control your sound settings through the Creative mobile app on your phone. Make instantaneous bass and treble adjustments, further customize your Footsteps Enhancer mode, or even adjust your volume and mic controls when your Sound Blaster G3 is out of reach – all you need is Bluetooth connectivity.

sound blaster g3 connected to laptop and headset

Perfect for both work and play

The Sound Blaster G3 doubles up as great add-on to improve your conference calls and making sure that you sound more professional while communicating clearly all the time. Features like CrystalVoice lets you hear and be heard clearly with background noise reduction and acoustic echo cancellation.

Platform Connectivity

sound blaster g3 tech spec

Sound Blaster G3 FAQs

1. Does the Sound Blaster G3 support Windows 7?

No. The Sound Blaster G3 does not support Windows 7. The Sound Blaster G3 supports Windows 11,10, 8.1, and 8.0.

2. You may notice the following issues when performing Windows update: Unable to detect sound card, intermittent sound card detection, audio distortion, audio cuts, other forms of noise such as audio crackling or clipping sounds.

Performing a Windows update increases your CPU usage. In some cases, Windows may temporarily disable the Windows audio component during an update, causing the abovementioned issues. We recommend the following when performing a Windows update: Stop the playback. Allow Windows to complete all the updates, and reboot the system once the updates are completed. Avoid performing any unnecessary background tasks or activities which may require high CPU usage.

3. How do I do a factory reset to my Sound Blaster G3?

While connected to your device, press and hold the EQ button located in the middle of the Sound Blaster G3 for >8 secs. The LED ring will blink red for 5 times, indicating the G3 is reset. Once reset, the Sound Blaster G3 will be reverted back to the default factory settings.

4. Can the Sound Blaster G3 remember a custom EQ in its memory? And can the SBX profile settings be remembered by the Sound Blaster G3?

Yes. The Sound Blaster G3 can remember one EQ preset at a time in its memory. This means it can remember the last used EQ setting upon connecting it to devices such as gaming consoles. The SBX Acoustic Engine profiles, however, can only be configured and saved in the Creative software. This software is available only on PC and Mac platforms.

5. Does the Sound Blaster G3 work with mobile phones?

The Sound Blaster G3 will work with mobile devices with digital audio streaming implemented through its USB-C port, in a manner compliant with the USB Audio Standard. Due to the wide variety of mobile phones and operating systems that may have different implementation of digital audio streaming through USB-C, it is not recommended for you to purchase this with the sole purpose on using it for your mobile devices. You will have to approach your mobile device manufacturer to check if your mobile device is compliant with the USB Audio Standard.

6. Does the Sound Blaster G3 support Xbox?

Audio playback is supported via optical connection while it uses the USB connection for power. However, it does not support voice communications due to Xbox’s system implementation.

7. Does the Sound Blaster G3 support Nintendo Switch?

Yes. Audio playback is available via USB connection in Nintendo Switch. However, voice communications support is limited to certain game titles, and is not available across all titles due to Nintendo Switch's system implementation. Some game titles that have been verified to work with the Sound Blaster G3 include: Fortnite, Paladins, SMITE, and DC Universe Online.

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