ASUS 21.5" Full HD Gaming Monitor - A Classic Elegant Design

ASUS 21.5 inch FHD Monitor

SUPERIOR IMAGERY WITH ASUS DESIGNThe ASUS VP228HE Gaming monitor boasts a lightning-quick 1ms response time, 21.5” screen size and 1920 x 1080 Full HD display. Featuring 100,000,000:1 high contrast ratio, ASUS-exclusive SplendidPlus and VivdPixel technologies, designed to deliver greater image quality and to enhance colour superiority. ASUS have designed a slim profile gaming monitor without compromising on style, ensuring constancy and durability for extended hours of gaming, including robust connectivity with a HDMI port and D-sub ports, plus 1.5-Watt stereo speakers producing the most immersive audio experience.

21.5"Screen Size

1920 x 1080Resolution

TNPanel Type

ASUS-exclusive GamePlus Technology

DESIGNED WITH THE CUSTOMER IN MINDThe VP228HE monitor features the ASUS-exclusive GamePlus hotkey with special crosshair and timer functions. Choose from four different crosshair modes to suit the gaming environment, whilst players are conscious of the elapsed time in real-time strategy games. These innovative tools allow gamers to exercise and advance their gaming skills.





Protect Your Eyes with ASUS Eye Care Technology

flickerless technology

SAY GOODBYE TO TIRED, STRAINED EYESThe VP228HE features ASUS Flicker-Free technology which is cleverly designed to reduce screen flicker for a more comfortable viewing experience. This minimizes occurrences of eyestrain and other harmful effects when you spend long, numerous hours in front of a display. ASUS Blue Light Filter also shields you from dangerous blue light. Easily select four different filter levels onscreen suitable for Web browsing, Multimedia, Reading or Darkroom to suit your needs.

Lightning-fast 1ms Response Time

1ms response time

SMOOTHER GAMING FOR LONGERASUS monitors provide a smooth gaming experience with a 1ms (GTG) quick response time, which eliminates ghosting and tracers for more fluid video playback.

Beautiful Images Brought to Life


ASUS SMART CONTRAST RATIOASCR dynamically enriches the display’s contrast by fine-tuning the luminance of the backlight to achieve the darkest black and brightest white, delivering the best lifelike images.

VividPixel Technology for Best Picture Quality

SEE EVERY SINGLE DETAILASUS VividPixel Technology helps to enhance image outlines and reduce noise bars for crystal-clear and detail-oriented viewing.

vivid pixel

An Outstanding Visual Experience

ASUS-EXCLUSIVE SPLENDIDPLUS TECHNOLOGIESThe new SplendidPlus™ Video Intelligence Technology optimizes videos and images by improving colour brightness, contrast, and sharpness. SplendidPlus™ features two new modes – Reading and Darkroom in addition to the Scenery, Standard, Theatre, sRGB, and Night View modes. Experience the best performance whether you’re reading, document viewing or browsing the web. Low-blue Light and Flicker-free technologies help minimize instances of eyestrain after long periods of use in front of a display.


SCENERYIncreases the brightness range, introducing more contrast gradiations and selectively tweaking colour saturation for more lush landscapes.


THEATREEnhances the contast and colour saturation of the image, delivering livelier and more vivid visuals for greater immersion.


GAMEBrings out dark, hard-to-see areas while leaving well-lit portions untouched, allowing you to see opponents lurking in obscure corners.

night view

NIGHT VIEWIntelligently raises Y-luminance to highlight poorly-lit details, capturing each scene's beauty in a crisp and vibrant fashion.