ASUS Red Cerberus V2 PC/Console Gaming Headset

Cerberus V2

THE BEST JUST GOT EVEN BETTERThe award-winning ASUS Cerberus gaming headset just got enhanced. Now with exclusive 53mm ASUS Essence drivers, a brand-new stainless-steel durable headband, and larger wrap-around ear cushions, Cerberus V2 offers improved audio performance with richer, stronger bass, and a tougher, more comfortable design. The stylish new finish complete with dual microphones make the Cerberus V2 the perfect accessory for gaming and listening to music on the go.

Exclusive 53mm Essence Drivers

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STRONGER BASS, CLEARER SOUNDThe brand new and exclusive ASUS Essence Drivers bring gaming audio to a whole new realm. By reducing the size of the drivers from 60mm to 53mm in Cerberus V2, the headphones now have a larger chamber for richer and more natural sound. Combine this with the drivers’ wide frequency response and you get a headset that delivers hard-hitting bass and detailed mid and high-range pitches, making it great for both gaming and music listening.

Tough, Long-Lasting Design


COMFORT THAT LASTSTo withstand even more rigorous hours of intense gaming, Cerberus V2's headband has been redesigned with a durable, stainless-steel structure. The V2’s new design is 70% stronger than the original Ceberus whilst simultaneously being 60% lighter and 50% thinner, making a more comfortable and durable design, perfectly suited to long gaming sessions and listening to music on the go.

Upgraded Ear Cushions

Vocal Clarity

DONT BE DISTRACTEDWith Cerberus V2’s all-new ear cushions, you can experience a 50% better sound insulation as well as a 30% larger coverage area, keeping you a lot more comfortable and solely immersed in your game.

The Perfect Accessory


DUAL MICROPHONESCerberus V2 has both a detachable boom mic that provides clear communication when gaming, and an in-line microphone that is convenient for phone calls and other everyday tasks.


CROSS-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY4-pole audio/mic combined connector provides compatibility with PC and Mac, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. An included audio/mic splitter also enables Cerberus V2 to be used with dual-port devices, including motherboards and certain laptop models.