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Wireless Pointer

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Kensington K33374  Wireless Presenter w/ Laser Pointer
Kensington K33374USA 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter w/ Laser Pointer (Black/Chrome )..
45.00 JOD
Kensington K72427 Wireless Presenter Green Laser
Kensington K72427AM Wireless Presenter Expert Green Laser & Cursor Control & Memory..
75.00 JOD
HiRO 3-in-1 Presenter w/ Laser Pointer & Wireless Mouse
HiRO 3-in-1 2.4GHz WiFi Black Presenter with Laser Pointer and Wireless Mouse..
30.00 JOD
Out Of Stock
Kensington K72425AM Wireless Presenter Red Laser
Kensington K72425AM Wireless Presenter Expert Red Laser w/ Cursor Control (Black) ..
49.00 JOD
Out Of Stock
Kensington K72426AM Presenter Expert Green Laser
2.4GHz Wireless Storable USB Receiver Wireless Range up to 150' Green Laser Pointer 10x Brighter Than Red Pointers Presenter Mode / Cursor Control Mode Backlit Buttons Low Battery Indicator On..
59.00 JOD
Out Of Stock
Kensington K72448US PresentAir Pro Presenter
Kensington K72448US PresentAir Pro Bluetooth 4.0 LE Presenter w/ Red Laser and Stylus (Black)..
49.00 JOD
Out Of Stock
Logitech Professional Presenter R800
Logitech Professional Presenter R800 with Green Laser Pointer..
65.00 JOD
Out Of Stock
Logitech R400 Wireless Presenter Remote
Intuitive slideshow controls , Up to 15-meter range , Plug-and-play wireless receiver , Red laser pointer , Battery indicator..
45.00 JOD 39.00 JOD
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